Virtual Bog 'n Burn 2020

Satellite map showing locations of the 6 Bog n Burn courses
What a difference a few months makes! The normally boggy and burnie races took quite a different format as we embraced their September and October cousins. It turns out that it is a lot harder to find race routes when there are not a hunderd people to follow but at least there were no queues going through the narrow parts of the course and parking was much easier.

Well done to everyone that managed to find time to get to the hills and send in their results. I hope you enjoyed this challenge as much as I did! We had 29 people completing at least one race and 18 completing the four required to qualify for the series. There were a total of 104 efforts overall and the clear favourites were Cort-ma Law and the Whangie that saw almost everyone complete the courses. Each of the individual races has a separate results page that can be accessed below.

Congratulations to the series winners:
🏆 Stuart Brodie [Ochill Hill Runners] & 🏆 Claire Caruthers.
Also to Alasdair Meldrum (Ayr Seaforth) for M40‑49, Ian Hughes (Calderglen Harriers) for M50‑59, and Brian Brennan (Westerlands CCC) for M60‑69 categories.

Race Results

Cairn Table
Cort-Ma Law
Red Moss Kips
Law Breaker

Series Results

Series Score
Stuart BrodieOchil Hill RunnersM23-391451311371381421546137.1
Liam RiggansM23-39160134142129 1535139.5
Alistair BoyerWesterlands CCCM23-391461431541381571676145.0
Alasdair MeldrumAyr SeaforthM40-49150141144 166 4150.4
Ali BlackCarnethy HRCM23-39144 158158162 4155.6
Ian HughesCalderglen HarriersM50-591491581581611882066156.5
David RossM40-491491581611611882066157.4
Claire CarruthersF23-39153186192 192 4180.6
Brian BrennanWesterlands CCCM60-69197182  1741804183.4
Graham KellyWesterlands CCCM50-59186 158 1912054185.1
Jason McGinnM23-39189212218 217 4208.8
Andrew FullwoodWesterlands CCCM50-59234205183 215 4209.2
Alan StewartM60-69217202211 211 4209.9
John DonnellyWesterlands CCCM50-59241215210 220 4221.4
Chris Rodgers Fit Ayrshire DadsM40-49292244198 249 4245.6
Gary GardinerM23-39248312234 241 4258.4
Fraser Gilfillan Fit Ayrshire DadsM23-39287266235 292 4269.8
Ryan StrainFit Ayrshire DadsM23-39287266226 312 4272.7
Gregor StewartWesterlands CCCM23-39112 113 113 3112.7
Robert HamlinWesterlands CCCM23-39  123   1123.3
Niall McAlindenWesterlands CCCM23-39  124 130 2127.4
Gary FraserOchil Hill RunnersM50-59129  122138 3129.6
Ian ThurlbeckWesterlands CCCM50-59  132   1132.3
Ross AndersonWesterlands CCCM23-39  139 152 2145.4
Kerry CunninghamWesterlands CCCF23-39  147   1146.8
Roderick PughKilmarnock HarriersM60-69152   1821583164.1
Christopher FurseWesterlands CCCM50-59160 158 177 3164.8
Simon KirkAyr SeaforthM40-49 194150   2171.8
Colin AndersonM40-49 293  247 2270.4

Series score is the average percentage* of the time vs the all time record for each race by gender
(*average of best four where more than four races were completed)


Thank you to the usual organisers of these races for letting us borrow their events for 2020.

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Series Organiser

Alistair Boyer